Achieve a fresh, modern look & add polish and precision khổng lồ your video clip creation process with Camtasia 2021.Every upgrade includes Camtasia Maintenance, which means you’ll receive sầu the next version (Camtasia 2022) không lấy phí.

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New features

New Transitions và Effects|Professional Sound| Create Custom Assets|Video Editing Performance


Instantly add polish to lớn your videos

Camtasia 2021 adds over 75 new transitions along with Motion Blur và Corner Rounding effects so you can achieve sầu professional unique withdrag-and-drop simpliđô thị.


New Transitions

You’re sure khổng lồ find a favorite in Camtasia 2021"s huge collection of new transitions. More than 75 to choose from!


Motion Blur Effect

Instantly give sầu your animations, effects & other movements a smooth, professional appearance with the new Motion Blur effect.


Corner Rounding Effect

Smooth out sharp corners on your truyền thông with the new Corner Rounding effect. Instantly round all or individual corners lớn create a custom look.


Media Matte Effect

All of the power & visual beauty of Trachồng Mattes, now in a single effect. Quickly turn any piece of media inlớn a mask with a drag-n-drop Media Matte effect.



Change the mood và feel of your video clip with a single effect. 3D LUT’s in Camtasia provide the industry standard for quickly color grading footage.

Toggle Effects

It"s helpful khổng lồ quickly see how truyền thông media appears or sounds with or without an effect applied. Any effect added to truyền thông media on the timeline can now be toggled on and off from the properties for quiông xã comparisons.

Lottie (JSON) Support

Add animations with ease. Camtasia 2021 now provides the ability to lớn import and use Lottie animation files in your video clip projects.

Animation Enhancements

Global shortcut keys and key frame jumping make it simple to lớn navigate between animation points across your entire project.

Additional Quick Properties

Beyond text and colors, create labels for elements, assign them khổng lồ parts of a theme, or even liên kết them to one another lớn ensure you & your colleagues get the right look in every đoạn Clip.

Zoom-n-Pan (Mac)

The simplified zoom-n-pan experience from Camtasia Windows is now available on Mac.


Ensure your audience hears what you want

Camtasia 2021"s new Emphasize audio effect makes it easy to lớn create a balance aao ước all the sounds in your video clip.

Emphaform size Audio Effect

Easily choose your primary audio traông xã and automatically duck the others inlớn the background. The new Emphakích thước audio effect is the quickest way lớn give sầu your Clip a professional sound.

VU Audio Meter in Editor (Windows)

Chechồng audio volume throughout your videos with the VU meter. The visual readout helps you see where narration, music, và other sounds may be too loud or quiet.

Share Narration khổng lồ Audiate

Quickly pass audio narration bachồng & forth Audiatefor detailed editing và improving the sound of your recording.


Expanded control và customization of video clip assets

Create your own reusable custom assets with the Quiông xã Property Editor & Auto lớn Quichồng Properties. Combine callouts, text, & other elements in a group to lớn create customizable assets. Easily save sầu or mô tả them with your team.

Quick Property Editor

An easy way to create reusable & shareable assets. Quickly customize settings like text, colors, và additional properties.

Auto lớn Quick Properties

When callouts, text, & other elements are grouped together, a quiông chồng property asmix is automatically created. Easily adjust the properties of multiple effects or assets contained in the same group.

Group Tabs (Windows)

Simpliđô thị and power come together with timeline grouping now available on Windows. Automatically create group assets with easily updatable properties.


Improved performance và project management

Working with large projects & Clip files can be cumbersome. Camtasia 2021 helps you maintain efficient processes with proxy Clip for improved editing performance và self-contained projects now on the Windows platkhung.

Proxy Media Editing

Create proxy truyền thông media with the cliông xã of a button for smooth pReviews và playback when working with large files.

Standalone Projects (Windows)

Eliminate the hassles of saving và sharing projects. Self-contained projects make it easier khổng lồ work on different computers or collaborate with other creators.

Haven"t upgraded in a while? Camtasia 2021 also includes all features from previous releases

Compare versions lớn see what"s new

Video Templates

Use pre-built video clip templates or create your own to dramatically reduce editing time.

Media Placeholders

Create a default space on the timeline where truyền thông should be added.

Replaceable Media

Replace any piece of truyền thông media with a new clip, image, or annotation.

Shareable Themes

Share custom themes khổng lồ help maintain a consistent look & feel.

Individual Input Recording

Select individual inputs to record with the updated recorder.


Instantly access your most-used tools and effects.


Save custom styles và configurations for frequent use.

Enhanced Media Bin

Quickly organize, sort, and navigate items in your media bin.

Camtasia Packages

Share templates, libraries, themes, shortcuts, favorites, and presets in a single tệp tin.

Improved Webcam Capture

Take advantage of higher resolutions offered by your webcam.

Upgrade khổng lồ Camtasia 2021 today

A trial or purchase comes with free phone support, miễn phí webinars with access to lớn Camtasia experts, và a large library of đoạn Clip tutorials.

Education Pricing|Government Pricing

Camtasia Maintenance is included with every upgrade

The first year of Camtasia Maintenance is included with the purchase of an tăng cấp. After the first year, there is an annual feeto maintain your benefits and stay current.

Receive sầu không tính phí upgrades to the next version of Camtasia. A new version comes out every year and Maintenance guarantees you"ll get the lathử nghiệm version.

Get a dedicated phone queue và expedited response time across multiple tư vấn channels - phone, tin nhắn, and online tickets.

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Gain exclusive access lớn Camtasia Certificationcourses thathelp you take your screencastingskills khổng lồ the next level.

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