How to lớn use TeamViewer Meeting

Use TeamViewer Meeting lớn help you join meetings anywhere và anytime. Let"s learn some basic features as well as steps to create và use TeamViewer Meeting so that you can use online meetings for work và study.

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You can meet online with Teamviewer Meeting software or Meeting Section available in Teamviewer software. Alternatively, you can use your browser for online meetings.

The main features of TeamViewer Meeting

TeamViewer Meeting - online meeting with TeamViewer helps us:

- Participate in meetings even while on the road.

- Integrate meeting by phone.

- Meet the highest security requirements.

- Easily manage your computer list & contacts.

- Automatically discover nearby contacts as well as devices. Making collaboration and interaction easier.

- Capable of monitoring monitoring và sending alerts.

- Manage users & devices.

- Policy setting.

- Create channel groups within your scope and assign them khổng lồ users. Make sure specific groups are always accessible whenever they need it.

- Not except for web chat features, create fixed chat groups, chat initiated by customers, ... fully tư vấn all devices..

- Easily transfer & share files.

- Easy audio control.

- High definition VoIP..

- Extremely high resolution.

- Hotline recording possible.

- Terminal hệ thống tư vấn.

- Carry out a mass deployment.

- Along many other useful features!.

Steps khổng lồ create an online meeting with TeamViewer Meeting

To create an online meeting using TeamViewer Meeting, you need khổng lồ do the following:

Step 1: xuất hiện the TeamViewer software and select the Meeting tab.


Create an online meeting schedule with Teamviewer Meeting.

Step 2: The Schedule a meeting tab will appear. Here, you need khổng lồ set the meeting Subject name, start time, end time. Set an access password if you want và save them.


Set the meeting information.

Step 3: After saving the settings, a mail editor or system calendar application will pop up, helping you to lớn send meeting information to your partners and friends. Step 4: When it"s time for the meeting, in My Meetings, Select Subject name & press Start lớn start.


Start meeting as scheduled

How lớn access a TeamViewer Meeting online meeting room

Partners, friends after receiving your information, have a liên kết to the meeting room as well as a specific ID and time. There will be 2 ways khổng lồ access this conference room.

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Method 1: Access by TeamViewer: xuất hiện Meeting tab -> Enter and MeetingID và Password if required -> Join. Wait while the host starts the meeting.