Are you the one struggling with the Excel found unreadable content error & looking to fix it, then this article is for you. Here kiểm tra out the complete information to fix unreadable nội dung in Excel error. 

Microsoft Excel is a very popular spreadsheet; this is used globally for organizing, calculating, & format data with formulas.

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This is commonly used in the professional as well personal life. But apart from its popularity, this like other MS office files gets corrupted và starts showing various errors.

In many of my earlier blogs have described various Excel errors và the ways to fix it. And today here in this article, I am going to lớn describe the recent error faced by the users “Excel found unreadable content in .xlsx” error or “Excel found unreadable nội dung in .xls”.

This error can be faced accidentally due to a minor mistake lượt thích sometimes happens và Excel file gets opened after clicking the “Yes” button but unfortunately, there are some chances of replacement of formulas or lost formatting.

Moreover, most of the times, this error is followed by several errors while clicking on “Yes”. So here know how khổng lồ fix excel found unreadable nội dung in .xls 2010 vày you want to lớn recover the contents of this workbook & also know the causes of getting the error.

Causes Behind Getting Excel Unreadable Content Error Are:

Due lớn the entire excel file corruptionCorruption of one or more object in the excel fileOr else due lớn virut or malware as this damage the excel tệp tin data

These are some of the causes that are responsible for getting the error. And khổng lồ fix it follow the manual as well as the automatic solution. If the manual solution won’t help you to lớn fix the unreadable nội dung in excel error, then the last option is the automatic solution lớn fix it automatically without any hassle.

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Manual Solution lớn Fix Excel Found Unreadable Content In .Xlsx/.Xls

Follow the methods given below to lớn fix it:

First Try to open your ‘.xls or .xlsx’ tệp tin by making it ‘read-only’Now cliông chồng on the ‘Office button’ and then select ‘save’ for a new document or ‘save as’ for the previously saved document.