Using Google Authenticator is an excellent way to secure login today, but how bởi we use it faster & more conveniently is why I share this article.And in addition to the phone, we can also use applications similar lớn Google Authenticator on PC.Read below khổng lồ find out!

About Authenticator

What is Authenticator Verification Code?Authenticator 2-Step Verifier is a means of verifying user identity.By providing the authentication code from the Authenticator, you are proving khổng lồ the login portals that you are the real tài khoản owner.

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How is Authenticator better than SMS?The same is 2-step verification, but Authenticator has an advantage over SMS (receiving a verification code via text message). You vì chưng not depkết thúc on phone waves, bởi not need an internet connection, & bởi not suffer from errors that do not sover verification codes such as SMS.

To better underst& how lớn apply Authenticator, please see How to lớn enable Two factor Authentication for WordPress & secure the website login page with Wordfence Security Premium.

Use Google Authenticator on your phone

On your phone, install the Google Authenticator tiện ích.If you are watching on your phone, click the button below to tải về it quickly.

Once installed, you open the Google Authenticator phầm mềm và cliông chồng the plus button to add the code.You have 2 options:

Scan barcode:You bring your phone to lớn the computer screen so that the camera scans the barcode, when you scan it, you will immediately receive sầu a 6-digit verification code.Manual entry:You manually enter the key code provided by the service party, after entering they will receive a 6-digit verification code.
Drag lớn select the area containing the QR code for the utility to scan

Thenenter the secret codevà a name for the code to make it easy to lớn rethành viên (you can change the name later) & clickConfirm.

You will receive an Authenticator verification code right on your computer lượt thích this.Clicking on the code will automatically copy.Pretty convenient, right?But we have sầu an install button too, let’s check it out.

Assuming you want lớn change computers or delete & reinstall the browser, we also have away to get the Authenticator codebachồng later.But first you need khổng lồ make a backup.

Clichồng on the settings icon of Authenticator; you will see there is an Export / Import feature; use it lớn backup & retrieve sầu the Authenticator code.

And lớn delete a certain Authenticator verification code you no longer need, click the pencil ibé & then click the red button lớn delete.

But this is not the most convenient way for those of you who use multiple browser users.Because of opening too many user windows, it is a bit confusing lớn manipulate.If you are lượt thích this, please refer lớn the method below.

Install Authenticator on PC Windows 10

Currently, the official Google Authenticator on PC from Google is not available.But we’re lucky lớn have apps that are“similar to”Google Authenticator on PC.

For Windows, open the Microsoft Store, find an ứng dụng calledWinOTP Authenticatorand install it.

Once you have sầu the verification code,click on it, & the code will automatically be copied.The telltale sign will appear with the line“Code copied khổng lồ clipboard”as below.

When you want khổng lồ delete a certain token:cliông xã on the pencil ibé below, then cliông chồng the delete button right above sầu your verification codes.

Install Authenticator on PC MacOS

Windows has it, MacOS also has it, but you have to admit that the developers on macOS have sầu a better aesthetic eye.Open the AppStore và install theStep Twoapplication.

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Using is also very simple. Youclichồng the plus button to add the secret codeand then enter the website name, username then click Save khổng lồ save.


To summarize, we have 3 ways lớn get the Authenticator verification code: Apps on Google Authenticator on phones, Authenticator utility on Chrome suitable for anyone who uses 1 browser user, and similar applications like Google Authenticator on PC suitable for those who use multiple browser users.Which way vày you lượt thích best?Or, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!