My Talking Tom is a free game that allows you khổng lồ have sầu your own virtual pet kitten, over time this kitten grows inlớn an adult, but it’s up to lớn you to lớn feed and bathe hlặng lớn keep hyên ổn growing strong. My Talking Tom is basically like a real cat, because your kitten, which you name, goes to lớn the bathroom and has emotions, as well as has different vocal sounds based on mood. This game is being sold by Outfit7 Limited, who also has a variety of other similar games on the market. If you loved the old style virtual pets, then you will really enjoy My Talking Tom.

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Update: You can also get this haông xã tool in French!


You can play My Talking Tom on your Android và Apple devices for không tính phí, as well as play the game on your Windows Phone. If you are downloading My Talking Tom for Android, the OS version you will need as well as the size of the game depends upon which Android device you are installing the game on. If you are playing My Talking Tom on your Apple device, you will need khổng lồ have sầu iOS 6.0 or later, but you can play this game on your iPod cảm biến, Máy tính bảng iPad or iPhone. The current version of this game is 2.3.1 and it requires 80.3 MB of room to tải về. You can get My Talking Tom in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Ko, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, và Turkish if you are downloading via Apple iTunes. The Android & Apple versions of this game also have sầu an in-tiện ích purchasing option, which allows you to buy items in the game using real money.


In-App Purchases

There are a lot of different items you can purchase using the in-tiện ích purchasing ability, but if you purchase these items frequently, the real cost can add up quickly. You can get a staông chồng of gold coins for $1.99, baby potions for $1.99, adult potions for $1.99, và double coins in games for $1.99. You can also purchase a pouch of gold coins for $4.99, a chest of gold coins for $5.99, và a bag of gold coins for $9.99. The more expensive items include a chest of gold coins for $19.99, vault of gold coins for $29.99. While the prices for these in-phầm mềm purchases is not that expensive, you will find that even just making a few purchases here & there can add up khổng lồ well over $100 before you know it, so it’s important to always keep traông xã of how much you are spending if you are buying these items with real money. Since this is a virtual pet game, it’s also important to pay attention if your kid is playing this game, because they will be really quichồng to lớn purchase the in-app items, mostly because this is a dễ thương little game, và they might get wrapped up in the fun without realizing what they are doing.

My Talking Tom Cheats và Tips – 2018 Version

Utilize Free Coin Options: When you play My Talking Tom, you will have various opportunities to lớn earn không lấy phí coins, và you should take advantage of all these offers. If you want to lớn earn không lấy phí coins, you can enable push notifications, which can earn you 500 không tính tiền coins. This is the biggest miễn phí coin offer in the game, but it does mean you get notifications every time your cát wants attention or wants something to eat. If you go into lớn the Cash Store, you will see the section that says Free Coins, which is where you want lớn go if you want lớn learn about all the miễn phí offers. You can also watch various videos and play other games to lớn earn không tính tiền coins, although you won’t get near 500 like you vị with the push notifications offer.

Set Your Clochồng Ahead: A triông chồng khổng lồ a lot of games is to lớn phối the clock ahead, which allows you to lớn vì chưng things that are usually on a timer. You can bởi this too with My Talking Cat, except you are doing this because you can get points for simply taking care of your cát. If you take care of your cat regularly, then you will have sầu lớn wait until the numbers dip down from 100% as far as food and attention go, but setting up your cloông chồng gives you the ability to go baông chồng into lớn the game và earn the points consecutively. This means that if everything is already at 100%, you can set your cloông xã up, then go baông xã into lớn the game and earn more points by taking care of your cat without waiting until the numbers manually dip. Another good thing about this is that unlike many other games, turning the clock baông chồng khổng lồ the real time will not interrupt the actual time in the game. If you vì this in Candy Crush for example, when you go baông chồng lớn the real time, you will notice the cloông xã in the game is however many hours off from where you played it last, which can get annoying if you forget how far ahead you played. When you bởi this on My Talking Tom, you can keep going back khổng lồ the game và remix the clochồng as many times as you want, earn your points, & not have sầu khổng lồ worry about messing with the internal clock of the game.


Put Your Cat To Bed When You’re Done: One of the most important things you need lớn remember is that once your cát ends up near 70% energy cấp độ, you need lớn put hyên ổn to bed. However, if you are playing the game và the cát is still high on the energy chart, you can still put him to lớn bed when you’re done with the game. Putting the mèo to lớn bed when you are done with playing allows your cat to rest up while you aren’t playing, which is good because you don’t want khổng lồ have sầu lớn put hyên khổng lồ sleep while you are really interested in playing the game. It’s best lớn put the mèo on your schedule, meaning play with it when you are up và when you want khổng lồ stop playing, put hlặng to lớn bed so that his energy cấp độ stays near 100% at all times. You also need to make sure you are turning off the lights before you leave sầu the game, because if you don’t turn the lights off in the room, your cát will not go lớn sleep, and then it’s a wasted opportunity for your cát to lớn rest.

Never Feed Your Cat at 100% Level: One thing you will notice when you play this game is that your mèo will continue eating, even if he is sitting at 100% on the food meter. If you continue feeding while the bar is at 100%, you are basically wasting the food, since you can’t go past 100%, that is the maximum level. You should keep your eyes open on the food meter & then feed your cat a little at a time, but never feed him past the 100% mark. Just lượt thích people và real animals, they will eat when they aren’t hungry, but unlike real people or animals, the food gets wasted and it’s basically just doing nothing but taking away time you could be doing other things.

You Don’t Need the Mouse To Get the Coins: There are quite a few mini games you can play in this game, which helps keep your cat happy. One of these mini games is where you use a hammer on mice, then collect the coins when you hit the mouse with the hammer. There is a trichồng to lớn this however, you can hit the line with the hammer when you see the coin, và then the coin will continue moving until you collect it. You bởi not have sầu to have the mouse in the lane in order to get the coin to lớn move so that you can collect it. Just simply hammer the line where you see the coin và each time you put the hammer on the line, the coin comes closer until you can finally grab it. The game makes you think you need khổng lồ see the mouse in order to lớn get the coin, but that’s not true at all. This is a great way khổng lồ make the game go faster và it also helps you collect more coins, since you don’t have sầu to lớn wait until you see the mouse khổng lồ earn the coins.

My Talking Tom Đánh Giá 2018

When you first start up My Talking Tom, you have to enter a name for your pet, but you need khổng lồ be careful because the name cannot be changed once it’s put on there. You are also shown your pet and basically dive right inlớn playing, although there is a short tutorial khổng lồ help guide you through the first few steps, such as feeding your kitten & then allowing him to lớn go lớn the bathroom. You will notice that My Talking Tom is similar lớn the old virtual pets that were popular in the 1990s, but it’s all digital and there is a lot more khổng lồ this game than the Tamagotbỏ ra pets.

The bottom of your screen shows you all of the information you need to keep traông xã of, such as if your kitten needs food or go to the bathroom, & the happy face tells you whether your kitten needs attention or not. If your kitten needs attention, you can play various mini games, which gives you coins for happiness & winning the game.


Later as you progress in the game, you can use the coins to customize your kitten. You can get different clothing, eyes, và change his fur with the coins. This is one of the best parts of the game, because you can customize your cát anyway you want, which is nice because you & a frikết thúc can have this game downloaded, but your cát might look completely different than the one your friover has. You will really enjoy watching your kitten grow up before your eyes, which happens with every time you feed it, give it attention, & put it to bed. When the icons at the bottom are completely covered, this indicates that it’s at 100%, which means your mèo does not need any of that for the time being. You will notice that as you play with your cat, he will get hungry, which means you will need to lớn stop and feed hyên, & then he will need lớn go to the bathroom.

The best part about this game is that when you play with your cat or feed hlặng, he will start talking and his eyes will light up, và you will see hlặng smiling. This game is very personal & it feels like you are really owning this cat, because he needs almost everything a real cát needs, & grows just lượt thích a real cát. The more you play & progress through the game, the more options you can unlochồng, which means you start out with limited items, then you can unlochồng all of the things you need to customize your cát as much as you want. If you keep the sound on the whole time, you might get a little annoyed with the cat talking all of the time, but it’s still cute and fun, just sometimes you might want to lớn mute hyên ổn.


The mini games are fun và you have sầu a lot of ways you can earn coins, but the game itself is pretty simple, which is good since you can piông chồng it up & put it down when you want. The game isn’t so much about detail as much as it is about personalization & getting to feel involved with your pet. You will feel lượt thích this is your real cat seeing it grow và giving it attention, và this is what the game is all about. This game is fun but yet simple, so it’s all fairly easy khổng lồ get the hang of, except sometimes your cát wants attention but you have sầu lớn put hlặng to bed so he gets some rest. Overall, this is just one of those simple games that is fun for adults & kids, especially if you have sầu a love of cats or animals in general. This is also a great learning tool for children khổng lồ learn about what it takes lớn take care of a pet & be a responsible pet owner. The details in the game are really good, between the customization abilities và the mini games, and all of the small things you need to bởi in order lớn keep your mèo healthy.


Gameplay: The gameplay in My Talking Tom is very fun và enjoyable, và you will not find any lag or server errors, which is a good thing. You will really enjoy playing this game because there is so much customization available to lớn you, especially as you progress through the game & unloông chồng more options. You will have fun in the mini games, although there isn’t much to them, but it’s the connection between you and your quickly-growing kitten that is the main part of the game. The gameplay itself gets a 8/10 because it’s simple và fun, which makes you keep coming baông xã khổng lồ play with your very own virtual cat.

Music: The sounds you hear in this game is not as much music as it is sounds of your virtual cat, sometimes they are happy sounds & other times sad sounds. You will really love how the cát comes to life by expressing emotions, such as when you feed it và it smiles, or when it needs khổng lồ ask you lớn go lớn the bathroom. You will really have fun listening to lớn your little virtual kitten grow up into a full grown adult mèo, so music and sounds in My Talking Tom gets a 8/10 because of the cuteness of it all.

Graphics: Graphically, even though this game is simple, it’s still pretty impressive sầu. You will notice a lot of the details in the kitten, meaning the eyes and the fur và almost everything about the mèo looks real. It’s fun to play the mini games and see the cát chasing the mouse, & you can see the details in the food as well. There is a huge shop where you can purchase different foods for your cat using the coins, although a lot of the items are locked until you progress far enough in the game, and until your mèo is old enough to lớn eat those foods. There is just so much detail & customization in the food và the clothing, fur, & eyes for the mèo that you will really be impressed at the màn chơi of thought that went inkhổng lồ the game. This game gets a 9/10 on graphics just due to all of the attention lớn detail in basically every aspect you can imagine, and the further you are in the game, the more things you can customize và unlock.

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Overall: Overall this is one of those addictive & simple games that keeps you coming baông xã for more. This game isn’t about intense graphics or various mini games, but it is more about developing a personal connection to lớn this virtual kitten that you raise inkhổng lồ an adult cat. You spover time with hyên ổn playing games, feeding him, taking hyên ổn to lớn the bathroom, and putting hyên ổn into lớn bed, so you literally are taking care of him lượt thích you would a real mèo. The level of detail và ability khổng lồ customize the cat & the features of the cat makes this game worth downloading. The sounds the cát makes when he is happy or needs something is also very dễ thương, so it’s just a fun & dễ thương game all the way around. If you love cats then this is the perfect game for you or if you are inkhổng lồ virtual animal ownership. Overall this game gets a 9/10 because you will be amazed at the màn chơi of detail in such a simple game.